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Fault Seal Analysis & Structure Restoration Study (Using MOVE Software)


Move Core Application.

  • Core application for data integration and interpretation, cross-section digitization, 3D model building and the base for the modelling modules and links.

2D Kinematic Modelling.

  • World-leading forward and reverse modelling tools for validating your interpretation and reducing uncertainty.

3D Kinematic Modelling.

  • 3D model restoration, forward modelling and validation based on geometric structural geology principles.

Geomechanical Modelling.

  • 3D model restoration based on a mass-spring algorithm for volumes and surfaces with assigned rheological properties.

Fracture Modelling.

  • 3D Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) modelling for fracture network characterization.


Stress Analysis.

  • Display and evaluate the effect of present-day and palaeo stress states on slip and stability of faults and fracture systems in 3D.

Fault Analysis.

  • Quantitative analysis of fault throw, juxtaposition and seal through geological time.

Fault Response Modelling.

  • Boundary element modelling to simulate displacement on faults, and geo-mechanical analysis of surrounding fracture systems.

Digital Field Mapping.

  • Digital field mapping applications for your smartphone and tablet. Collect data and build your 3D model in MOVE.