Petroleum Experts (Petex)

Petroleum Experts Ltd (Petex) is a UK registered company that develops a set of petroleum engineering software applications, which are used are used by some 400 oil and gas companies worldwide. The company’s petroleum engineering software tools enable the oil and gas industry to model dynamically their oil reservoirs, production and injection wells and surface pipeline networks as an integrated production system.

Adept Solutions

Adept Solutions is a specialist software company founded in 2006. The company develops and support hydrocarbon accounting systems for the oil and gas industry. Adept’s product, Axis, is used by oil companies around the world for the business critical activities of production allocation and reporting.

Integrated Production Technologies Ltd

iProdTech is an independent petroleum engineering consultancy created by industry leading reservoir and petroleum engineering professionals. iProdTech expertise encompasses the full field life-cycle, with specialist knowledge in:

  • Integrated Asset Modelling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Production Technology


LR Senergy, now part of the Lloyd’s Register Group, is an integrated energy services company that applies expertise and technology to assist the development and management of oil and gas fields and renewable energy projects. Lloyd’s suite of core technical services centre on subsurface, well engineering and operations, site survey and geo-engineering, facilities development solutions and power engineering which are complemented by our software and training products.