Project Key Objectives

  • Develop an on-line integrated production management, engineering and operations support system, tailored to meet the needs of current PETEX clients
  • Use IPM as the modelling, optimisation and diagnostics engine of the production system
  • Use an open-architecture to easily plug into user existing databases, SCADA and other best in class applications
  • Deliver on-line production expert systems with off-line or on-line advisory systems for production environments, models auditing and tracking, including user privilege and ownership control of production models in a central database
  • Integrated Field and Operational Management centred on IPM – Models

Overall Benefits to Our Clients

  • Improve production engineering productivity
  • Improve overall field management
  • Faster response due to early problem detection (hours versus days)
  • Focus on exceptions rather than bulk and massive troubleshooting
  • Use a unified set of published models for process analysis, forecasting and control
  • Scenario based process optimisation
  • Zero-Latency application assisted decision making
  • Applications are fed from field data and are able to send commands to the field and recommendations to Engineers and Operators
  • Have up to date field models throughout field life

Summary of System Approach

  • “IPM Engineering Model” – Centric Architecture
  • Field data quality is screened for consistency and accuracy, using the models and embedded expert system rules, before they are used within the system.
  • Production System modelling and on-line optimisation runs with set point downloading to field controllers
  • On-line analysis and quality control of field production tests and real time data
  • On-line system for the scheduling, optimisation, execution and control of fields
  • Advanced Logic, based on physics, to detect patterns in field data that can be related with abnormal conditions