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Our primary product Axis is a flexible hydrocarbon accounting system that provides the global energy industry with enhanced data integrity and operational insight. The product is quickly becoming established as the ultimate tool for accurate production data, through offering ‘one version of the truth’ to all consumers of the information.

The system works by gathering and processing raw operational information – such as meter data, sample analysis results and forecasts – to create auditable statements of hydrocarbon allocation, which can then be reported to internal and external stakeholders. What makes Axis such an effective solution is its flexibility, which allows the product to be easily tailored to meet the unique demands of each production facility.

Undoubtedly the most agile and configurable system on the market, Axis is implemented rapidly, and we always guarantee a 100% match to client requirements.

  • Allows data correction, rerun and approval
  • Provides an audit trail of changes to data
  • Controls access to data
  • Performs complex calculations
  • Stores large amounts of data in a structured way
  • Matches requirements 100%
  • Is flexible and adaptable to changing requirements
We also design and build Axis products for specific applications:
  • Axis Production
  • Axis Tanker
  • Axis Gas

Axis Production

With the current move towards more infrastructure-sharing in the international oil and gas industry, the management of production data is becoming increasingly essential for operators and owners of facilities.

That’s where our Axis Production product provides the ideal solution.

This unique version of Axis includes all-encompassing functionality to capture and allocate production volumes to fields, wells and all joint venture partners. The tool – a total system for production data management – also has the capacity to cover production planning, production losses (deferments), sampling and chemical inventories.

The product inputs data from a host of different sources, including automatic interfaces and spread sheets, before then checking the data against configurable validation criteria to identify potentially erroneous values.

Through this comprehensive functionality to record and control corrections, Axis Production provides operators with the opportunity to significantly enhance their production reporting processes.

Axis Tanker

Our flexible hydrocarbon accounting system, Axis, supports tanker scheduling for FPSOs and onshore storage facilities.

The product boasts a range of tanker-specific capabilities, including:

  • Predicting tank stocks, based on production forecasts and planned liftings
  • Maintaining stock balances for each partner’s interest in any individual field
  • Recording details of actual liftings
  • Generating cargo documents, including Bill of Landing, Certificates of Quantity, Quality and Origin, and Timesheet
  • Calculating demurrage
  • Calculating and applying monthly adjustments to reconcile measured stock level, production and liftings
  • Generating stock statements and other monthly partner reports

Tanker scheduling and allocation can be provided in a single, integrated Axis system, meaning that one, sole set of production data is shared by all areas of the business.

Axis Gas

The global demand for gas is rising rapidly and, with an influx of new suppliers coming onto the market, there is a growing need for the delivery of gas in buyer-nominated quantities.

Our Axis Commercial Gas Management system does just that, whilst allowing organisations to operate in – and benefit from – the ‘within the day’ nature of the commercial gas arena.

The accuracy and, in particular, timeliness of Gas Hydrocarbon Accounting is vital in order to satisfy stakeholders, execute the best commercial decisions and fulfil the legislative requirements of industry regulators, as even relatively minor errors and delays can result in major financial penalties.

With Axis Commercial Gas Management, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive 100% accurate data.

The flexible product – which can provide industry-standard gas calculations, including AGA8 and ISO6976 – can also be configured to give third parties access to the system, allowing field owners to view production information submit gas nominations.

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