The Objective of the digital oilfield is to maximize oil and gas Production, eliminate non-productive time, and increase profitability through the design and deployment of integrated workflows.

We use The Petroleum Experts DOF technology to allow companies to extract maximum value from the available information relating to reservoirs, wellbores, and surface facilities.

This enables rational decision making through the use of models, workflows, and intelligently filtered data within a multi-disciplinary organisation of diverse capabilities and engineering skill sets.

Digital Oil Field

  • No programming required – Visual Workflows
  • Straight forward to deploy (only configuration required, no coding)
  • Technology is upgradable, extensible, scalable
  • Over 100 workflows addressing
    • Well Test Validation and diagnostics associated with PVT checks
    • Well Surveillance
    • Any equipment quality control
    • Total system quality control
    • Optimisation of different types
    • Forecasting, with and without optimisation
    • Workflows can be easily modified to achieve any engineering objective