An integrated computer model encompassing all asset components from reservoir to delivery point and their interactions. We use best-in-class software suites for modelling the different components of the production system. We have vast experience in developing full system models from reservoir through to delivery point, considering all dependencies, as well as honouring constraints and the development schedule.

  • Reservoir (e.g. REVEAL, GEM, Eclipse)
  • Wells (e.g. PROSPER, SubPump)
  • Surface Network (e.g. GAP)
  • Facilities (e.g. GAP, Hysys, UniSim)

Our IAM solutions have been deployed in a variety of production systems and locations, from simple two-well systems to complex systems with hundreds of wells and decades of production history.

  • Integrated Asset Models are typically used for:
    • Field surveillance & troubleshooting
    • Production optimization
    • Production forecasting
    • Evaluation of investment opportunities
    • System design
  • Modelling reservoirs, wells and facilities independently requires knowledge of or assumptions about boundary conditions (e.g. FBHP, FWHP, Separator Pressure etc.)
  • Coupling all elements into one single model ensures common boundary conditions are used.

The integration process fosters cross-discipline understanding of asset performance.

Case Studies

We have an extensive track record in delivering IAM solutions to clients. We have consultants with expert levels of competency in the Petroleum Experts’ IPM Suite (PVTp. MBAL, PROSPER, GAP, RESOLVE and OpenServer) as well as Schlumberger’s Eclipse reservoir modelling software.

Our facilitators have 15+ years’ experience in the IAM sub-disciplines i.e. reservoir, wells, and production systems, and can provide the necessary, in depth, cross discipline understanding. The following are some of the numerous projects implemented by our consultants:

Case Study #1: Middle East Giant Oil Field
  • 300+ producing wells, mixture of natural flow and ESP lift.
  • Brown field with legacy equipment (1950’s)
  • PROSPER+GAP models developed for production optimisation.
  • 15%  production increase over 6 weeks.
Case Study #2: Offshore West Africa Oil Field
  • Deep water subsea field with 12 oil wells, 2 gas injection and 6 water injection wells.
  • Production wells tied back to FPSO via two flow loops with riser based gas lift.
  • Eclipse-PROSPER-GAP RESOLVE model developed for production surveillance, optimisation and forecasting.
  • Models linked to real-time data with IFM.
  • Workflows developed for well model calibration, reservoir look-up tables, pipeline QC, well erosion, FBHP calculation (real time) and ‘Choke’ Model for loss reporting.

Well Model Validation and Calibration Workflow:

  • Download latest MPFM rates & pressures from PI Historian.
  • Compare PI data with model results.
  • Allow user to auto-adjust key parameters to calibrate well models where necessary.
Well Erosion

Automatically run latest well models to determine well operating envelope.

Operating envelope considered well head erosion (API-RP14E and Tulsa) and sand screen erosion (based on impingement velocity limits for gravel pack completions).

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