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Wireless Telemetry Systems Deployment

The Wireless Telemetry Systems was deployed because the DOF system is designed to automatically run predefined field management and operational calculations utilizing high frequency real time measurements from different points in the field (wells and facilities). These measurements range from pressure, temperature and phase rates. Typical points where these measurements are taken include the well heads, flow lines, manifolds, separators and other vessels. The real time data underpins one of the most important features of the DOF system; the Virtual Metering feature, which leverages pressure and temperatures measurements to calculate well rates in real time.

To automate the retrieval and transmission of these high frequency measurements in an efficient manner and in real time, there was a need to setup a battery powered wireless gauges and sensors in the field, a wireless sensor network operating in the 2.4GHz frequency and an access point for backhauling the received data from the sensors to the core network where the data can be stored and displayed using a cloud database and dashboard. All the well heads, flow lines, manifolds and separators in the field were equipped with the wireless pressure and temperature gauges why key outlets of the separators were equipped with flow meters for rate measurements. since the flowmeters are not wireless, the flowmeters were integrated to a Remote Terminal Unit for wireless transfer of data. The project currently eliminates reliance on manually gathered asset data and reports and reactive issue flagging while also improving:

  • Well, reservoir and facility management
  • Well and reservoir surveillance
  • Well integrity management
  • Production allocation
  • Problem well analysis
  • Flow assurance management
  • Process optimization including optimizing well alignment
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  • Nov 09,2021
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  • Nigeria E and P Company
  • Niger Delta
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