Accrete Petroleum Limited


Caltec Surface Jet Pump Implementation Study for Okpoho Wells

The purpose of this study was to review the feasibility of Surface Jet Pumps for the purpose of enhancing oil and gas production from wells with declining production. The Surface Jet Pumps enable the flowing wellhead pressure (FWHP) to be reduced in order to increase production while meeting downstream production requirements.

An Integrated Production Model (IPM) model was built for the flowing wells in order to integrate the well and surface pipeline network responses and review the different proposed options for the Jet pump systems.

Well models were used as dynamic rate sources to generate a base model to match measured surface pressures, establishing a basis for comparing the proposed surface pressure boosting options.


The model results were used as input into the client’s economic model to guide the decision on the adoption of the proposed technology as against a base case scenario and other production enhancements options. The project saved the client significant facility modification expense.

Project details
  • Nov 09,2021
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  • E and P Company
  • Offshore Nigeria
  • Yes Feb 2015