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Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM), Well Review and Production Optimisation

The purpose of this study involved development of the Integrated asset model for a predominantly gas condensate field. The project was geared towards addressing specific objectives and challenges faced in the field, alongside future development plans. These included but were not limited to:

  • Maximising well production within operating envelopes and review of MER Choke settings.
  • Optimising well routings between production facilities and use of flex lines.
  • Evaluating benefits of facility upgrades; and
  • Evaluating infill drilling opportunities.

As part of the project, Equation of States (EoS) composition PVT models were developed for the gas condensate reservoirs after which equivalent black oil models were then generated from them for use within the field model. A full field IPM Model was constructed to generate production profiles for each well during steady state flowing conditions which matched historical field measurements provided by the client.



The Well Review and Optimisation study identified over 70 opportunities for production enhancement in the field. These opportunities ranged from relatively straight forward short-term opportunities to bean up wells, through to longer term intervention and workover opportunities. Recommendations were derived on data gaps and several test that can be conducted to

Project details
  • Nov 09,2021
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  • National E and P Company
  • Niger Delta
  • Yes Aug 2018