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Electric submersible pump is an artificial-lift method for lifting moderate to high volumes of fluids from wellbores. The pump typically comprises several staged centrifugal pump sections that can be specifically configured to suit the production and wellbore characteristics of a given application. An electrical submersible pumping unit basically consists of

PVT Modelling Fundamentals – Part 3

An EoS PVT model is a multi-component description of the reservoir fluids based on the alkane series. Reservoir fluids are composed of thousands of different hydrocarbon components with varying properties and in different proportions. The overall behavior of the reservoir fluid is determined largely by

Artificial Lift Fundamentals – Part 2

Gas lift is a process whereby liquids are ‘lifted” to surface by injecting pressurised gas into the production conduit where it commingles with the produced fluid and consequently reduces the

PVT Modelling Fundamentals – Part 2

Black Oil (BO) PVT modelling is a 2-component description of the hydrocarbon fluids as ”surface gas” and “stock tank oil”. This PVT modelling method is widely used due to its simplicity and limited input data requirement. This method relies on empirical correlations derived from different oil samples. Some correlations focused on crude


Introduction Most oil and gas wells at some point in their productive lives would require some form of support to continue to produce at high enough rates to be profitable. To compensate for the lack of natural energy in these formations, proper artificial lift selection, design, implementation, and operation for producing well completions are critical

PVT Modelling and Fluid Characterization Fundamentals Part 1

Before going ahead to build a PVT model, a decision will first have to be made on which modelling approach is suitable; BO or EoS. Often, this decision is not quite straight forward. While it may not be correct to say one method is better than the other, each method has specific situations when and where they are most preferred. Generally, the choice of the PVT modelling approach will depend on factors like; available data, nature of the fluids to be modelled, the modeling objectives etc. A proper understanding of the BO and

Successful delivery of Gas Lift Design and Optimization Workshop

Accrete Petroleum Training for March 2020 In line with Accrete petroleum training schedule for 2020, last month march in Lagos, Accrete Petroleum carried out the Gas lift training sessions for Addax Petroleum professionals. We would like to thank our instructors Mohamed Khalf and Lukman Lawal for running a successful workshop and the Addax team for

Accrete Petroleum presenting at SPE Port-Harcourt Section event.

Accrete Petroleum delivered a recent presentation on “Hydrocarbon Accounting – More than Just Counting Barrels” at the SPE Nigeria Section event in Port Harcourt. The presentation covered the fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Accounting and its importance, and the need to use an accurate HCA tool to achieve effective hydrocarbon accounting. We are delighted and sure to